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Step 1: Starting Flexi Plus

Move the curser on to on/auto button and click.
When the device is on, LED on the on/auto lights up and 10 colors in the memory of the device is started to shown automatically as it is set before. Change time of the colors in the memory can be set by +/- buttons.(1 second... 99 minutes). For instance, move the curser onto “+” button and click until it shows “4”. Change time will be 4 seconds and 10 colors will be changed every 4 seconds.
Step 2: Prog. Mode

When it is on, 10 colors (00...09) in the device’s memory change in order by clicking the program button (red LED lights up on the program button).
Step 3: Setting colors with the RGB button

After choosing a color by the program button (see: it’s color 02 in the example), color is set by RGB button.
When you click on the RGB button, red LED lights up on it and starts to show red color and the percentage of red color can be seen on the screen.(%0...%99).

For instance, when you click on “+” and set to 35, you can add %35 of red to blue and you will see it turns to purple. To have turquoise color, green is selected on RGB. When you click “+” and set 45, with adding %45 green the color becomes turquoise.
For any questions about the Flexi Plus please contact us.
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